Maxim Vedenev
Freelancer, Matlab programmer,
Comsol programmer, Physicist

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     It will be toolbox in matlab for physics teachers. It will be visualization of some standart problems in mechanics, electromagnetics, quantum mechanics, thermodynamics and other. The toolbox will contain standart physics problems visualizations and usefull functions to make own physics visualizations.

Click here to see details.

      Quaternions visualizations in matlab scripts that I wrote. I want to sell it.

Click here to see details.

      It will be toolbox for matlab for musicians that want to work directly with sound.

Click here to see details.

      I want to make calculations of heat energy efficient house for cold countries such as Russia, Alaska of USA and Canada. This house use energy of wind and heat energy of soil.

Click here for details.

I am finding investor for this works. The investor will be used technologies that will be developed.

      It will be program that visualizes the electron probability density for the hydrogen atom at any user defined state (n,l,m). Phase will be ploted with colors. It will be possible of rotation and zooming of 3d plot, saving image. It would be great if I would found investor for this work.

      It will be program called "Precise bit per minute counter". Program input will be audio file rhythmic music. Program will calculate tempo precisly with two digits after point in bpm. "rhythmogram" for Barry Manilow - Copacabana 2005 (Pete Lorimer Remix) is pictured. It takes exactly 129.00 bpm. You can see that biggest peak is at 129.00 bpm. I thing out advanced algorithm of precise bit per minute counting. Such program is usefull tool for DJs. Also it can be used for sorting music playlist in tempo increasing order. It would be great if I would found investor for this work.
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